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Windy roses

Just a note to say i started back at my seasonal groundskeeper job.  This is my second season and yesterday we were at the airport pruning some roses that were 6 feet tall and all tangled and half dead.  Turns out they had not been pruned for a couple of years.  As most of you know, there is still some snow in spots in Bellingham but these roses just had the sand exposed.  It was bright and sunny and . . . windy! While we are pruning these tall bushes the wind would blow and they would bend toward us as well as the sand.  At times, we caught several mouths full of sand.  Of course while they were bending toward us in the wild wind the thorns got stuck in our hair, faces, and clothes.  I was attacked the most and several times had to call for help.  I had the thorny branches stuck in my hair and on my arm at the same time and could not get unstuck.  At another moment, the wind knocked over a coworkers barrel full of cut branches of roses.  When the wind knocked it over all of those branches got stuck on my butt and I could not get them off.  It was very funny.  Good thing nobody had a camera or video.