PERIODS- holidays, teens, body transformation the older you get….

“There’s an enemy that brings us together and burdens us with a fate from which not even your relationship status (Facebook official or not) could spare you: having your period on Valentine’s Day.”Note: these words came from Sass and Balderdash. Tried to do a link but I think I failed. Read hers first.

Many a Valentine’s Day this has happened to me. It never failed to happen on a holiday or away from home. It was always unexpected and unpredictable. Often times I was not prepared for it to happen when I was younger. As I got older I became more aware of “that time”– however unpredictable it was and I carried with me all of the necessities twenty four hours a day 365 days a year.
My period was so heavy and painful that it was unbearable. I do not know how I survived my teens. It seemed like I was always in a corner of the room rocking myself while holding my abdomen. The pain was so great. I tried Midol and other over the counter medications but nothing seemed to alleviate the pain I was going through. Of course, back then, I was too embarrassed to talk to my mother about it. I did not try tampons till late teens about 16 years of age. I started one time on vacation with my family and the local general store did not have menstrual pads… they only had tampons. My mom tried to put the tampons in me but we ended up giving up so I was stuck bleeding on toilet paper for the rest of the trip. That trip was so embarrassing and I was so glad we were on our way home the next day.
As I got older I tried tampons again which was better than pads and when I was twenty one, I had a boyfriend who recommended I go on the pill to help with the cramps and the vomiting that had crept and gotten worse every year. I went and sure enough at that time and for ten years the pills worked for me. I had more control over the pain and a lot more control over the “time of the month”. I still had a heavy period which lasted for 7 days and less cramping. I finally had a period which happened once a month instead of twice. Sometimes it still hit the holidays but I was always prepared having developed the habit early in life. Or late teens anyway.
Once I hit my adult hood (late twenties to late forties) my period started to worsen slowly despite the birth control pills I was constantly on. While in my early forties I was taken off the pill due to health reasons according to my doctor at the time. so I tried a different method.. . the Mirena IUD which was supposed to stop you from having periods. It didn’t work. From the time I had it put in to two years later I bled every single day of the year. The doctors kept telling me my body would adjust and the bleeding would be less and only once a month if at all. My bleeding got heavier and heavier with clots full of blood. I tried birth control again and the pills had no effect whatsoever. I still bled every single day.
I was finally referred to a gynecologist who did an ultrasound and told me that I had a couple of choices. I could do a process that scraped the uterus to stop it from bleeding as much (I would still have periods and it may/or may not fix the problem) or a hysterectomy which definitely would fix the problem. I went for the latter.
I still feel the hormones raging once a month but I no longer flow which is good considering how much I kept overflowing and how many clots were coming out of me.
Fibroids, which every woman has are supposed to shrink as you get older—they grew as I got older instead. The three of them grew to the size of a baseball which stretched my uterus to the size of a coke can.
I am now only beginning menopause (premenopause if there is such a word) about three years later from the hysterectomy. My ovaries were left in but are starting to die like the doctor said they would as I got older. Although I was hoping I would start this in my sixties and not early fifties. I’ll be fifty in May. I’m starting the night sweats but have not progressed far enough to get wet sheets. Being a person who has always been cold in body temperature I am not now. Feeling a lot of hot nights and thus shedding a lot more clothing. I’m having a lot more highly emotional days than I am used to where I am just a wreck. Although that may be more stress than menopause but perhaps not. It’ll be a different phase of life than I am used to but perhaps I’ll become a more alluring being.


week happenings March


The weather here has been really rainy although it has been nicer in the afternoons on some of the days since spring.  The first day of spring looked like it was gonna rain but after 8 am it turned into a beautiful sunny day.  We were hedging the roses on the hill at Zuanich Point Park, if I remember right and it was beautiful day except for the roses.  Bending over in rain pants and hot weather is never a good combination.  It is much better to wear rain pants in cooler weather because the rubber insulates a lot and makes you hotter in the sunshine.  We wear them when picking up the rose stems because we do not want thorns in our booty. 

So far we have not been weeding the gardens we have come too because we need to prepare the gardens for the flowers which will bloom soon. We have been hedging the roses and raking the “special” grasses that are grown around Bellingham WA.  Blue Oat and Carl Forster which are currently brown because of the winter.  We are also raking up the needles that have fallen.  My body and arms are tired of raking: so much so that throb when I’m trying to rest or sleep.  Can’t wait for normal weeding which uses less arm and shoulder muscles.

Somehow, and I am not quite sure– all this rainy, muddy conditions  sometimes dry conditions but I still manage to get my rain gear totally dirty.   I am a dirty girl.  Last night, Friday, it was drippy most of the day but not overly wet and we were protected by the trees we were under.  I still managed to get my nose dirty and did not notice till this morning after I put my glasses on and looked in the mirror.  You’d think sometimes I lie in the mud/dirt but I don’t.  Ha, Ha. Ha.


I was well on my way to writing something down this evening but by the time I got home–had to stop by Fred Meyers for food today cause it was finally pay day– I had completely forgotten what I was going to write about.  So this will be a short post for tonight.  I will–however, start another story so keep an eye out for it.  Don’t have much time tonight and I won’t be able to finish typing it.

Windy roses

Just a note to say i started back at my seasonal groundskeeper job.  This is my second season and yesterday we were at the airport pruning some roses that were 6 feet tall and all tangled and half dead.  Turns out they had not been pruned for a couple of years.  As most of you know, there is still some snow in spots in Bellingham but these roses just had the sand exposed.  It was bright and sunny and . . . windy! While we are pruning these tall bushes the wind would blow and they would bend toward us as well as the sand.  At times, we caught several mouths full of sand.  Of course while they were bending toward us in the wild wind the thorns got stuck in our hair, faces, and clothes.  I was attacked the most and several times had to call for help.  I had the thorny branches stuck in my hair and on my arm at the same time and could not get unstuck.  At another moment, the wind knocked over a coworkers barrel full of cut branches of roses.  When the wind knocked it over all of those branches got stuck on my butt and I could not get them off.  It was very funny.  Good thing nobody had a camera or video.


Gus was eighty years old and in the prime of his life. He had worked hard and was now retired and although the days were long they were also empty without someone to enjoy them with. Concentrating on his crossword puzzle, he finished it with a flourish and flung it on the couch.

Sitting on the couch like a lump, the crossword puzzle looked as if it did not belong.  Gus preferred to be kept busy.  That was why his house was more immaculate now than when he had been working for more than sixty years of life. “Things change” or so he had been told by numerous people before retiring and becoming another useless member of society.

Lately, loneliness was taking its toll . Gus had been a social animal since his teenage days. He liked people, which put even strangers at ease enough  to tell him their troubles. Though as independent as the next guy, he just didn’t like being alone.

Gus hated the bar scene and was often at a loss for words when he encountered a desirable female. When he was younger, he’d had many lovers in his life.  “Who’s to say there’s only one in a lifetime?, he would say to people. “You need to experience life to fully enjoy it.” And now, there was nothing. No woman to share his life anymore. Sharon, his wife of thirty years.had passed away recently and now he was alone.  He knew there would be other romances out there because he believed that there were many chances at love and the heart was big enough to hold them all.

Yet, he became tongue-tied every time he tried to talk to a lady.  He had ventured out of his comfort zone and gone to events that he would not have considered when younger.  Events and Adventures for the Single Older Male had never held appeal for him, but he had been desperate when a neighbor had recently introduced him to this site. Besides what could it hurt going on an outing where the pressure of dating one person was removed by dating a group of people with an interest in the activity? How else would he ever meet people now that he didn’t go to work everyday?

He was acquainted with the neighbor ladies but none of them appealed to him.  One of them was claustrophobic and another one was afraid to try anything new, let alone leave her house. All of these women were definitely not his type and he was afraid that he’d be stuck with one of them if he did not get off his duff and do something about it.  Finding people that he got along with seemed to be more of a task than he was used to, but as he thought about it, more of his tastes had changed since college and had been molded by the people he had met and the ones in his life that he had admired. “Spending time with someone you did not like was like spending your life in hell and sometimes I already feel like I am there.” he would often say to visiting relatives giving him a bad time for being alone.

Gus went on several events in three months and did not hook up with anyone. He tried skydiving, canoeing, archery, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, hiking and none of them brought with it any prospects. He went home exhausted and ready to drown his loneliness in drink but he never resorted to that.  Instead he changed into comfortable clothes and went to his favorite chair, took out his favorite book and read to his heart’s content, drowning out any bad memories that he had experienced.

After several months of failure, Gus went to talk to his neighbor Ted.  Ted was a bachelor and had a lot of dates and work to keep him busy so Gus sat down with him in his backyard and straight out asked him what his secret was to getting women.

Ted said,” Gus, there is a site online that I highly recommend. I’ve been using it on a regular basis and it had done a world of good for me.  Maybe you will have luck on it too.  The site is called, and all you really need is a good profile and then if a woman likes what she reads, she will wink at you and then if you like her, you wink back and then email her. Your identity is kept secret until you’re ready to give them out to someone. What do you think?  I could help you with your profile and then you can take it from there.”

“All right, what have I got to lose?” Gus said. “Are you sure there are women on this site that are close to my age?”

“Sure there are, just you wait and see.”

The next day, sitting in his living room, Gus heard a ding and then a voice say,”You’ve got mail”,on his computer.  Looking at the email, he saw that the woman who had winked at him was not only his age but had similar tastes in hobbies, movies and the like. He winked back and sent her an email.  He wanted to know as much as possible about this woman whom he had not met but insight told him she was the one. Once again his journey began, and loneliness that filled his days seemed to disappear as his time became consumed with numerous dates with many women and with that, many possibilities.


recent update-January 2013

Things have been busy these last few months.  I’ve had orders for embroidered aprons for people and have made them myself instead of ordering them online.  Mine have a better quality to them (I make them out of polyester knit instead of jean material.) Mine hang better on people when made out of this type of material and then I decorate the pockets and upper chest with corresponding embroideries.  I think that by making the aprons myself I can make them more personable and can do the pockets in different colors or textures if the apron calls for it.   They have all turned out nicely.  I am currently working on sewing a girly romper for a baby girl.  It has ruffles on it and embroidery and I think it is coming along nicely.  Keeps me busy anyway.  Well, I haven’t been able to keep up on everything I want to write about but maybe that just takes time. It has only been a month into the new year.  We shall see….