week happenings March


The weather here has been really rainy although it has been nicer in the afternoons on some of the days since spring.  The first day of spring looked like it was gonna rain but after 8 am it turned into a beautiful sunny day.  We were hedging the roses on the hill at Zuanich Point Park, if I remember right and it was beautiful day except for the roses.  Bending over in rain pants and hot weather is never a good combination.  It is much better to wear rain pants in cooler weather because the rubber insulates a lot and makes you hotter in the sunshine.  We wear them when picking up the rose stems because we do not want thorns in our booty. 

So far we have not been weeding the gardens we have come too because we need to prepare the gardens for the flowers which will bloom soon. We have been hedging the roses and raking the “special” grasses that are grown around Bellingham WA.  Blue Oat and Carl Forster which are currently brown because of the winter.  We are also raking up the needles that have fallen.  My body and arms are tired of raking: so much so that throb when I’m trying to rest or sleep.  Can’t wait for normal weeding which uses less arm and shoulder muscles.

Somehow, and I am not quite sure– all this rainy, muddy conditions  sometimes dry conditions but I still manage to get my rain gear totally dirty.   I am a dirty girl.  Last night, Friday, it was drippy most of the day but not overly wet and we were protected by the trees we were under.  I still managed to get my nose dirty and did not notice till this morning after I put my glasses on and looked in the mirror.  You’d think sometimes I lie in the mud/dirt but I don’t.  Ha, Ha. Ha.


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