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Now with anythi…

Now with anything that is new, it sometimes takes me a couple of days to come up with an idea of what I should make or what I should write so bear with me .  I have thought of numerous ways to promote my business but none of them have seemed to work so now I am just going to write about my adventure.

I have always been interested in belly dancing so I figured I should make a costume. I have already bought the pattern.

One of the first things I think about once I have decided what I am going to make is to get an idea in my mind of what I want it look like–the finished project from head to toe which includes shoes and accessories.  And then, of course, I try to figure out where I can acquire the items or whether I should make it myself.

With the belly dancing costume which I will start to make in the next couple of weeks, I will also make the jewelry as costs permit.  I’m talking about a cuff bracelet with chains and beads.  I think it will cost less than trying to find it online and buying it outright.  We shall see. I have a pattern for that too and recently I finished acquiring all the pieces or close to it to start.


belly dancing costume

Now with anything I try to visualize the material I have on hand to see if it fits the costume I am going to make.  I think I have enough material on hand to make the costume but I won’t know that for sure until I lay it out.  I might have to adjust some of the pieces so that it fits the material I have.  I have a dark green with flowers on it material and I have three see through material that I could probabldy use as an overskirt or a over the shoulder jacket.  Can’t think of the correct term at the moment.  I will have pictures showing my progress at each stage.   As long as the blog supports it.  We shall see as the days go on.  This is my first blog so bear with me,  I am still learning the process.